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Signal Messenger Survey

Hello! To improve Signal for everyone, we rely on voluntary user feedback that we gather via interviews, surveys, usability tests, and support requests.

With this survey, we want to understand how you use Signal. Our survey doesn't collect any data that will identify you. If you’re interested in providing additional feedback, you'll have the option to provide contact information. We'll analyze your responses both in aggregate and individually (we promise to read any feedback you offer!). Learn more about Signal Research.

By proceeding, you agree that your participation in this survey is voluntary. If you decide not to complete the survey, no personal information will be collected or shared with Signal. Your responses will be treated by Signal as confidential information. If you agree to share your personal data with Signal in the context of this study, it will only be used for the purposes of internal research and development, or for contacting you for future studies, and will be deleted after six months.
1. How long have you used Signal? *This question is required.